Equipment and clothes

Recommended clothes and gear for fishing on Volonga:

1.     Thermal socks – 2-4 pairs (the thickest one – extreme, others are usual that you wear on a barefoot) 
2.     Thermal underwear – two pairs (the ones with the upper zip are more convenient)
3.     Fleece top and fleece bibs. Pants based on Primaloft.
4.     Fully zipped thick fleece, could be with windstopper or lower layer jacket based on Primaloft.
5.     It’s better to have waders with GORE-TEX membrane or from the serious manufactures.
6.     Jacket – the same recommendation - Simms or Patagonia.
7.     Boots – from well-established manufacturers with good ankle support and rubber or felt sole.
8.     Cap with a long visor and hat with windstopper for the cold season.
9.     Synthetic baff to protect face from the wind, you may need a warm one for the cold season.
10.  Polarized sunglasses (good ones!) – two pairs, one with bright (yellow) lenses for cloudy weather.
11.  Fishing gloves without fingers with alcantara protection in active zones.
12.  Wading stick.
13.  Seat (foam or thick durable foam rubber).
14.  Waterproof (rubberized) backpack (Simms, Patagonia).
15.  Lip balm, hand and face cream.

This is a minimal set that you should take with you.

You may also need fleece gloves for the beginning of the season.

For the possible hot weather that may occur in the middle of the season it’s recommended to take a fishing shirt, light jacket with membrane, vest with pockets and sun protection lotion with you.

Volonga river
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