«TIMAN-FISHING» is a fishing camp located on the bend of the Volonga river, 16 km from the subtidal zone of the Chosha bay of the Barents Sea.

  • Mi-8T helicopter of the Naryan-Mar United Air Squadron will transfer you from the airport of Naryan-Mar (the capital of the Nenets Autonomous Area) to the prepared helicopter pad in the «TIMAN-FISHING» camp.
    The camp has a developed infrastructure: electricity, Wi-Fi, TV, sauna, shower and other facilities will be available for you to make your vacation nice and comfortable. The camp is located in 230 km to west from Naryan-Mar.

  • Timan Fishing
  • Timan Fishing
  • We offer you two accommodation options:

    First – comfortable double rooms with heating, plugs, two convenient beds and bedside tables.
    Second – comfortable triple rooms with heating, plugs, three convenient beds and bedside tables.
    Personal chef will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you.
    Dinning lodge with stove heating is at your service, spacious Russian sauna is available for the guests daily.

  • Timan Fishing
  • Timan Fishing

For convenient movement along the river there are two water-jet tunnel boats FREGAT 470 FM jet in the camp, equipped with MERCURY 30 jet engines. Boats allow to move even on shallows up to 10 cm depth. There is also a Canadian cross-country vehicle ARGO Conquest 8x8 available for our guests.

Volonga river
Photos of our tourists on the Volonga River in different seasons
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